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Отправлено 18 Февраль 2014 - 07:22

Konka T2566E-type color TV boot whiteboard input AV signal plans sound normal

Local small-signal processing circuit used TB1240 Manifold, CPU for CKP1006S (MP87CK38NF).

AV to normal, so the first measurement of the discharge part of the voltage value TBl240 found ? pin AGc terminal voltage is 0V,

check the external components to normal, for a TBl240 not solve the problem, then think of the bus changes will lead to closure of AGC,

just enter the bus.

Method: User remote control Y216 restructuring. The remote control panel open the second half of patch,

in the bottom row of keys to find FAC, using conductive adhesive press the button, upper right corner of the screen shows PASS WORD,

then press 4,8 key, the screen shows FACON, this time TV enter debug state factories. Press the remote control on the "3" into the AGC,

to debug the project and found that AGC has become ON, press the volume keys added to the 30, the screen appears noise,

test machines, image and voice were normal.

В архиве

Konka CPU CKPl009S E-type

Konka CPU CKPll05S C-type eng

Konka CPU LC863328A-5T46 A-type

Konka T2566E CKP1006S (MP87CK38NF)


Прикрепленный файл  Model-chassis+service.rar   36,53К   26 Количество загрузок

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