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USB подключить параллельный порт ПК, VGA линия подключения VGA порт ТВ блока.

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How to Upgrade Software of MSD209 Solution

Tips: this software tool is used to upgrade the relevant model of MSD209 solution, so it is unnecessary to install. Open this software and then you may operate as follows:

Operation steps:
1. First install USB driver, please run the CMD_Setup.exe, connect the upgrade tool: the USB line connect the PC parallel portthe VGA line connect the TV unit VGA port.

2. After opening Mstar ISP Utility V4.4.7.3 software, the following interface appears:
Seen from this picture.

3. If it is the first time for you to use this software tool, please click the “Config” button, confirm whether the default configuration is correct. If not, please setup this configuration parameter as below, and click the “Connect” button, if do not detect the FLASH, please adjust the “Speed” to slow, and connect again.

4. After selecting the device, click “Read” button to read the files that need to upgrade, and press “Connect”, it will detect device type, if can not detect device, please this tool and TV connect again.

5. After reading files, click “Auto” button and confirm the parameter is correct, if Ok, please click “Run” button to upgrade the software, If the software update is not Ok, please click the “Run” button and upgrade the software again.

How to upgrade via USB

1. copy upgrade file to USB disk, change file name to ap.bin;

2. connect USB to the TV and change to analog TV source;

3. when the TV automatic detect upgrade file, please select OK to upgrade.